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Natural Weight Loss & Detox Supplements

Eternal Vibrance Natural Supplements:

It is our aim to be the best supplement company in the UK and we know there is only one way to do that.  By providing you with the best selection of supplements to meet your goals, the best quality supplements, and the best support from a company committed to doing the very best for you, the customer.

Whether you’re looking for quick weight loss to help you with that last minute summer body or want a healthy supplement to support a whole body detox diet, Eternal Vibrance have a selection of the best supplements in the UK, perfect for helping you achieve your body goals! For the fitness girls, we have the best all natural whey protein & for the vegans among you, a vegan option too!  After all strong is the new skinny!

We love bringing you the best supplements and our Super Lean Vegan Protein & our renowned Super Greens Powder is a great option if you have a sensitive tummy! Whatever your detox supplement needs, we’ve got your back! So no even if you have food intolerances Eternal Vibrance have something to help give you the nutrition you need keeping you feeling and looking great inside and out!

Quality Natural Supplements

Our Supplements are designed to support your body. So if your thinking “how can I detox my body safely?” We have a great selection of bundles & individual supplements like our Super Greens Powder and colon cleansing bundles like the Detox Bundle.  Nigel & Andreea particularly like Super Greens out of the Detox Bundle.  Providing an Organic source of superfoods with essential nutrients and anti-oxidants it packs a detox punch!

We have other supplements for weight loss such as our Matcha supplements which are encapsulated and particularly popular as a one-stop health and gentle weight loss supplement!  If you haven’t already the Matcha Detox is a great place to start! You could even take it one step further & combine Your Matcha with Garcinia Cambogia & Natural Whey Protein, a great bundle of supplements to curb cravings and help weight loss!

I feel absolutely amazing since I started the detox program – much needed after a bit of traveling!

Andreea Tina

Pro athlete & Coach

This Super Greens is giving my body all the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs!

Nigel Calland

Pro Athlete & Trainer

Great detox! These have really helped boost my metabolism.

Tiffany Watson

Made In Chelsea

In love with my Matcha, good for skin and energy levels.

Sophie Gradon

TV Personality

These Matcha supplements make me feel healthy and fresh.

Emily Blackwell

Made In Chelsea

I love these! I have so much more energy during the day!

Lillie Gregg


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