We asked Melissa Alexandria, a fantastic lifestyle Youtube vlogger and fan of Eternal Vibrance, to tell us all about her morning routine; you can find this video above! It is an awesome, brief glimpse into Melissa life and how she’s get motivated to have a great day, each morning. We’ve gone into some extra detail below, so if you want to find out more read on!

7 Great Ways To Start Your Day

Wake Up Earlier

Commonly, we know that most people don’t enjoy waking up early, and that usually this is because they do not get enough sleep. It is important to get a good nights sleep, although everyone is different, generally between 6 and a half and 8 hours of sleep is enough. If you do get the chance to go to sleep earlier, try waking up earlier too, your day will feel so much longer, giving you more time to do everything you need to do.

In doing so you should find that you are also far less stressed throughout the day. Waking up and rushing around causes far too much stress and can also put you in a bad mood for the day, which is definitely not what we want. We want to wake up, positive motivated, and ready to take on the day!

Get Your Greens

Melissa talks about having a smoothie in the morning packed full of greens. This is great because it gets you set up for the day and means you are enjoying some much-needed vitamins and nutrients first thing! It’s a great way to start your day, and nourish your gut, so by having a smoothie in the morning packed full of greens, you are getting great fuel your body needs as well as all the nutrients along with it. And as mentioned in the video, our new Super Lean Protein Powder will be available very soon, our Indiegogo campaign is currently live! – and it is crammed full of superfoods, so it’s the perfect addition to your morning smoothie!

Get Some Fresh Air

Melissa likes to take walks in the morning which is great for the mind, body and soul. A walk or a run in the fresh air is great to really clear your mind, help you focus and for the day ahead. Try thinking about your goals for the week, month or year, this is great reflection time on where you are currently and where you want to be, and can really motivate you throughout the day.

Get Inspired

Melissa listens to audiobooks to get inspired; and so do we! There are some amazing motivating audiobooks and podcasts that we at Eternal Vibrance live by! Of course, we are all different, try to find that something that inspires you. Perhaps it is a motivational speech or taking the time to talk with your partner. Whatever inspires you, try to fit some time into your morning routine to enjoy it.

Plan The Night Before

A good plan is the best thing to have and the best time to plan is the night before. Planning your day in the evening, means you wake up feeling more focused, knowing exactly what you need to get done. Whether your plan consists of your exercises for the day, meal prepping, writing down your to-do list for work, or just creating plans with friends, write it down the night before, so you much less stressed in the morning.

Try Meditating

Meditating is a great way to start a day feeling really relaxed and focused. It centres your mind and clears out any stress you might be experiencing in at that moment. With thoughts about difficult meetings, or stressful tasks that need completing, meditation is a great way to get you feeling calm and get your body ready to tackle all of these situations. Meditation is all about taking the stress out of a situation. Once you have meditated, you should feel as though those tasks that seemed huge before seem much easier to manage.

Take A Cool Shower

This certainly isn’t for everyone, but a cool shower can really get your morning off to a great start. A cool shower starts your heart pumping quicker which increases blood flow throughout your body, making you feel alert and energised!

We hope enjoyed this article, for more from Melissa be sure to follow her Instagram here! Before you go, make sure you check out our Indiegogo Campaign for our brand new Super Lean Vegan Protein, 100% USDA Organic, and suitable for most food intolerances!

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