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Are You A Loyal Eternal Vibrance Customer & Would Like To Be Rewarded For Sharing Our Great Products With Others?

Thank you for showing interest in becoming an ambassador for Eternal Vibrance! The next steps will put you well on the way to becoming an Ambassador & earning commission for yourself:

Complete the Ambassador form below

Post a picture of one of our products on Instagram. If you would like some inspiration, then check out our website or Instagram to see some past ambassador posts – Also at the bottom of this page.


If you would like to take your own unique photo, purchase your favourite product and use our special ambassador discount for 20% off (“EVAmbassador”). Please *DO NOT* post this code on Instagram. It is for ambassador use only.  

Tag @eternalvibrance & use our hashtag #EVdetox

Chose your Unique discount code – it can be whatever you think your followers would engage best with.

***Your discount code it going to be the code that you insert in the form below. Please take note of it as it is used to calculate your commissions! It is a 10% discount code*** 

If you have any questions, please review our Ambassador FAQs on the bottom of the page. Otherwise, feel free to contact us at

Note: Your discount code should start working as soon as you’re approved, please note, this is usually done within 24 hours!

We are Upgrading our Ambassador Scheme to make it even better than ever for you to become an Ambassador! You’re going to love it!

Hit the button below to contact us for more information.


How will I be paid?
However you would like to be, usually PayPal or bank transfer is preferred, but the choice is yours

How much will I be paid?
You will be paid 20% of the Total Sale.  For Example, if you referred the person to use your code for matcha (£19.97) but they ended up getting a detox bundle as well (£50) then your commission would be calculated as follows:

19.97 + 50 = 69.97 – 10% (your10%code) = 62.97 *20% = £12.94 commission

When will I be paid?

You are paid the first week of every month on the sales you made the previous month.

Why do you do the commission style for posts? Can I just receive a one-time payment before I post?

We believe in payment on results, and many of you will be much better off this way and recieve more commissions than you would being paid a flat fee.

How will you know that I have sold anything?
Transparency is so important to us! We track the number of times your discount code was used, and total the volume of sales generated. Plus a screenshot will be sent to you on confirmation of your monthly payment.


What should I post/How should I get started?
1. Post a picture of one of our products on Instagram.
2. Tag @Eternalvibrance and #EVdetox in your post
3. **Include your unique discount code. (for better results, include the discount code in your bio – ask us for more advice on this)

Can you send me pictures to post?
There are plenty of photos on the website that you can use! However, if you need some inspiration, take a look at what other Ambassadors have posted for us. Also, you can look at our page @eternalvibrance.

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