Baobabs are trees that grow in the Middle East, Africa and Australia. Traditionally, the Baobab tree has been used in food, medicine and as a basis of household items and clothing. Today, we are going to explore the Baobab tree and all the uses it had in the past and present to find out why it is so popular. We will also give you some helpful ways of including Baobab in your diet.

The Origin Of Baobab

As we said Baobab trees grow in the Middle East, Australia and Africa. They are a deciduous tree, and there are nine species of them. Six of these species can be found growing in Madagascar, two are native to Africa, and one is native to Australia. That gives you roughly some idea of how long this species of tree has been around, as Madagascar split from mainland Africa millions of years ago. So long ago, in fact, the island is home to unique creatures and plant life that had to evolve to make up parts of the food chain that were lacking when the split occurred. The Baobab’s on Madagascar are likely there in the place of other trees that weren’t on the island when it separated from the mainland.

How Was Baobab Used?

Baobab trees, the fruit and seeds can all be used in some way. The fruit and seeds are used in foods because they have great nutrient content and health benefits. They also work as a natural preservative and so people used them to help with storing food.

People used baobab for centuries to treat a variety of illnesses like the common cold, flu and irregular bowel movements and things of that nature. Of course, we now know that the baobab fruit contains about 33% of our daily vitamin C and it is also about 50% fibre. This is why people used it to treat colds and flu and to keep themselves regular.

How Is Baobab Used Now?

Baobab fruit is still used in much the same way as it was in the past. Typically, baobab fruit is made into a powder because it is the only fruit in the world that dries on the tree itself. All you need to do is grab one off of the tree and then grind it up. We use baobab powder in our new Protein Powder that is full of superfoods because of the amazing amount of vitamin C and fibre. Baobab is used now because it is great for the immune system, gives you a nice energy boost and helps keep your skin healthy.

Why Is Baobab So Popular?

One of the reasons that baobab is so popular today is because of how healthy it makes your skin. Having baobab even once a day can help your skin glow radiantly. Of course, it is also taken for its energy boosting properties and vitamin C content. Vitamin C is a wonderful vitamin; it can keep your immune functioning at top speed to ensure you don’t get too many colds and give you a nice energy boost when you’re feeling a little tired.

Another fun fact about baobab is that it has a natural shelf life of about three years! Because it is a natural preservative, it basically preserves itself. Which means you can buy baobab in bulk and you have an incredibly long time to use it.

What Is It Actually Doing In The Body?

The vitamin C in baobab helps to keep your immune system functioning. Your immune system is your body’s very own first and last line of defence. It protects you against colds, infections, diseases and other scary illnesses. Vitamin C gives us a slow releasing energy boost too. This slow energy release helps us to keep going for longer and means that you don’t ever suddenly feel tired for now reason.

Baobab also helps to slow down the release of sugars into the bloodstream. This means that you don’t get massive energy spike when you eat sugar, but you’ll still get all the energy it will just be in smaller amounts, so the energy release is slower but lasts for longer.

The Top 4 Ways To Include Baobab In Your Diet.

Sprinkle Baobab Powder On Your Cereal

This is a great start to the day. Sprinkle baobab powder on your cereal to enjoy good digestion and a vitamin C boost in the morning that will carry on throughout the day!

Add Some Baobab Powder To Your Water Bottle

By adding baobab powder to your water bottle, you are effectively creating a vitamin C drink that you can take anywhere. With only a few teaspoons of baobab added to your water bottle, you can enjoy 33% of your daily intake of vitamin C without needing to change your lifestyle or what you eat!

Add Some Baobab To Yoghurt

Baobab is prebiotic, meaning it helps with digestion. And recent studies also show that prebiotics can also help with stress and sleep. However, it is recommended that you combine prebiotics with probiotics when ingesting them. So, get yourself some natural yoghurt and add some baobab and enjoy a healthy gut and maybe a better nights sleep too.

Use Our New Protein Powder

Using our new protein powder is a very easy way of getting all the baobab intake you need during the day. Whether you are using our protein powder as a dietary supplement or pre/post-workout energy boost, you’ll be able to reap the rewards of baobab and all the other amazing superfood in it.

To find out more about our new protein powder, the other superfoods it contains and other ways to stay healthy and active, please explore our website further. 

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