What is HIIT exercise? 

Before we get to the benefits of HIIT exercise, we should probably find out what it is. High-Intensity Interval Training is a workout that involves intervals of high-intensity training and then rest. HIIT ensure you reap all of the rewards from your workout. It can boost your metabolism and burn a load of calories quickly. With benefits like that, it isn’t hard to see why HIIT is such a popular form of exercise. However, these are just a few of the many benefits of HIIT exercise; there are loads more!

10 benefits of HIIT exercise


1. It helps you build endurance

HIIT is perfect for building endurance. The workout helps to adapt the cellular structure of your muscles which means you can increase your endurance while doing any other form of exercise. A recent study of HIIT showed that in just eight weeks of HIIT exercise, you can double the length of time you can ride a bike. For this reason, a lot of athletes incorporate HIIT exercise into their training to allow them to run, jump, swim and ride for longer.

2. Burns fat and calories quickly

One of the reasons HIIT workouts are so popular is because they burn so many calories so quickly. This makes them perfect for people who don’t have much time to workout. Studies of HIIT exercises show that doing 15 minutes of HIIT exercise can burn more calories than one hour of jogging on a treadmill! So, just think what half an hour a day of high-intensity training, five days a week could do!

3. Keep burning fat and calories for hours

When you perform these high-intensity workouts, it causes your body’s repair cycles to go into overdrive. Even after 24 hours, your body is still burning fat and calories. This doesn’t happen with “normal” exercises; your body recovers from them too quickly for this effect to happen. So, if you’d like to lose weight quickly, HIIT is perhaps the perfect workout for you.

4. No equipment is needed

My personal favourite benefit of HIIT is that you don’t need to spend money to make muscle. There is no equipment to buy, all you need is a little bit of room to move. HIIT exercises use your body’s own weight to get your heart rate up and keep it there. Although you can use weights during HIIT sessions, the workout is actually less effective. As weights focus on toning one part of the body, your heart rate will not increase as quickly by using them. However, by doing high knees, jumping jacks and generally running around like a like a crazy person, your heart rate is always up, even during rest periods. So, don’t waste money on equipment, your body is your temple and your gym equipment. Oh, but of course, you will still need to buy some protein powder from us to make sure you’re making your workouts count!

5. Your body’s energy becomes far more effective

As HIIT workouts use a system of hard workouts and then short resting periods, your body learns how to use its stored energy more effectively. Basically, it begins to register that it only has a small period of time to recover before maximum effort is needed again, so it begins to store energy more efficiently. HIIT workouts also help to remove toxins in your muscles during the resting periods. So, you’ll find that your body can last longer during periods of intense training and recover quicker during the periods of rest.

6. Boost your metabolism

HIIT workouts help you to consume more oxygen than “normal” workouts, according to The American College of Sports and Medicine. It is this excessive consumption of oxygen that helps to increase your metabolism. The normal increase in your metabolism after a workout is for about 90 minutes. However, after HIIT, your metabolism is increased for 144 minutes, so you can burn more calories after you’ve finished training.

7. It’s great for your heart

We have written a whole article about heart health, but we thought we would give HIIT workouts its own article because it is that good for your heart! If you’ve ever worked out before, I’m sure you know how hard it can be to push yourself to the max. To get your body feeling exhausted, for you to lose your breath and get your heart pounding, is not easy. However, HIIT workouts make it easier. As you are only doing HIIT workouts for a short time you are much more likely to push yourself because you know you’ll get a break soon. So, it is actually a better workout because you are working out more efficiently.

8. You get to pick your own workouts

Another favourite of mine, picking your own workouts. There are no limits to what you can do with HIIT workouts, the only limit is your imagination and your stamina. You can pick any exercise and turn it into an interval workout. From cycling to swimming and everything in between, there is no end to what your workout can include. Plus, once you get bored of an exercise, change it up, that way you won’t stop exercising ever again.

9. You lose fat, not muscle

Cardio is often connected to losing muscle. However, HIIT workouts use weight training (using your body as your gym equipment) to allow dieters to continue losing their fat and keep up with their gains. So, HIIT is a very effective way of ensuring you lose the fat you want to and gain all the muscle you want to.

10. It is fun and challenging

HIIT offers even professional athletes a hard but enjoyable workout. Beginners get to see results really quickly and improvements in the way they feel almost overnight. You’re constantly pushing yourself and coming up with new challenges. You’ll never get bored, and you’ll look and feel amazing!

So, that is just 10 of the amazing benefits of HIIT workouts. We hope you liked this list. To find out more about workouts and lots of other healthy things, check out the other articles on our blog. To find out how our protein powders can help you with your next HIIT workout, explore our website a little further.

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