Exercise & Fitness

Abs & HIIT Circuit

A fun energetic abs circuit to help you trim your waistline with a high intensity workout.

Benefits of HIIT exercise

What is HIIT exercise?  Before we get to the benefits of HIIT exercise, we should probably find out what it is. High-Intensity Interval Training is a workout that involves intervals of high-intensity training and then rest. HIIT ensure you reap all of the rewards from...

Different Types Of Protein 

For much of its life, our blog has focused on our vegan protein, we love it, and we know you love it too. However, there are plenty of other protein options out there. So today, we thought we would have a look at all of the protein powders available and see what makes...

Why use vegan protein powder for protein shakes?

Before we begin this article, we just want to say that we are not a totally vegan based company. We’re sure you’ve already figured that out from the products we sell. Although we aren’t a totally vegan company, some of our best-selling products are totally vegan. We...

Back Workout

A great back exercise routine to help you tighten your core, slim & tone your back whilst also helping your posture.

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