The beautifully vibrant colour of Chlorella makes it a lovely addition to any smoothie, but have you ever stopped and thought about what this superfood does and why it’s so good for you? Well, whether you have or haven’t, here’s everything you need to know about Chlorella and its fantastic health benefits!

The Origin Of Chlorella

Chlorella is an alga which grows in freshwater and is actually one of the oldest things in the world. Scientists have found fossils that contain Chlorella that are as old as 2 billion years! Chlorella has been around longer than humans, it was even present to watch the extinction of the dinosaurs! In fact, dinosaurs may have eaten Chlorella for many of the same reasons we eat it now! If it was important to them, then it should be important to all of us!

Chlorella is a bit like Spirulina, both are alga that grows naturally in freshwater, and both have great nutritional benefits. However, unlike Spirulina, Chlorella is a single-celled microorganism that is spherical in shape. This simple structure means that it is one of the most sustainable foods in the world. It produces cells about eight times a day. This means that Chlorella doubles about eight times a day! That makes it perhaps one of the most important foodstuffs in the world right now!

How Chlorella Was Used?

Well, the sad part about this amazing plant is that it was only found to be incredible for us humans in the 40s. However, what a time to find it! Chlorella was seen as a possible solution to the hunger crisis happening across the world due to the war.

How Chlorella Is Used?

Unlike most superfoods, Chlorella can’t be enjoyed directly from the source as it isn’t digestible to humans raw. Instead, it undergoes a process that makes it edible and locks in the nutritional value. This results in the beautiful green coloured power that we add to our Super Lean Protein Powder.

Chlorella is full of potential and now that we realise that, it is used for its detoxification and re-energizing effects among a lot more. This amazing superfood can also promote weight loss and improve the immune system too! It is used the world over from the developed world to the developing world and is a vital foodstuff for everyone!

Why Is Chlorella So Popular?

Well, Chlorella maybe small, but it’s a heavyweight when it comes to nutrition. Chlorella contains an abundance of chlorophyll which means that it can speed up healing, boost liver detoxification and improve digestion. But the reason why Chlorella is so popular doesn’t stop there!

Just 100g of Chlorella provides:

  • 58.4g of protein
  • 70% RDA of vitamin B6
  • 473% RDA of Zinc
  • 1026% RDA of Vitamin A
  • and more.

That is a ridiculous amount of nutrition from one tiny little water plant! But hey, it’s had over 2 billion years to figure out what it wanted to be and it decided to be a world-changing superfood of the highest order! With facts like that, it doesn’t take much imagination to see why this superfood is so popular!

What Is Chlorella Actually Doing In The Body?

Chlorella actually does a lot in the body, including:


Detoxing is the job of the liver, and it does this job very well. However, it does need a helping hand to help it work harder. This is where Chlorella comes in. A regular dose of Chlorella can stop heavy metals collecting in the soft tissue and organs and then it helps the liver filter them out.


The immune system is your body’s first line of defence against attackers; it needs to be strong and ready to fight whenever you need it to. Chlorella can help to boost the immune system and keep it fighting no matter the opponent.

Weight Loss

A recent study showed that people at risk of lifestyle-related diseases had a reduction in body fat just by taking Chlorella daily. So, whether you want to shift a few pounds or ensure you don’t put any on, add some Chlorella into your diet!

The Best Way To Include Chlorella In Your Diet

As Chlorella comes in powdered form, it is best to be added to a smoothie. However, you can, of course, just have a protein shake, made using our new Super Lean Protein Powder which contains Chlorella along with loads of other amazing superfoods! So, just drink your protein powder as normal and reap all the benefits from Chlorella and everything else inside. Plus, you’ll get the added benefit of being ready to take on the gym or go to work at the same time! Our new Super Lean Protein Powder provides the best way of getting all the amazing superfoods in your diet, and it will help you get more out of your workout! Plus, it’s vegan too!

To find out more about our Super Lean Protein Powder and the other superfoods it contains, please explore our website further.

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