With the new year just days away, I’m sure that a lot of you are thinking about getting fit for 2018. Starting the new year off with a bang of exercise is a great way to improve your mood for the whole year. However, why do you have to start in the new year? Why don’t you start now instead? Christmas comes but once a year, so, of course, enjoy the festive season, but start exercising and eating healthy now to get a jump start on your new year’s resolutions. Here are 12 Christmas hacks for keeping fit and enjoying yourself over the holidays.

11 Christmas Hacks to Keeping Fit


Eat Before The Christmas Party

Whether you are going to the Christmas party or a friends house for a catch-up, eat before you go. The festive season means that these occasions happen a lot and the nibbles are always out. By eating before you go, you won’t be snacking as much while you are out and you know exactly what you’ve eaten.


Fill Your Christmas Treats With Joy, Not Sugar

The supermarkets are filled with treats at the moment. Chocolate, crisps, sweets and anything else containing a lot of stuff that’s bad for you. However, while treats are a must-have for Christmas, they don’t all have to be unhealthy. When you’re shopping, grab yourself some healthy snacks too. Choose something you enjoy eating, of course, but don’t choose something that you’ll regret when you can’t fit into your favourite Christmas jumper!


Festive Cheer Doesn’t Always Mean A Festive Cheers!

Alcohol is a massive part of Christmas. Avoiding booze during the festive season is not easy, but try not to go overboard. Of course, you should still toast the new year and enjoy a glass of wine with your Christmas dinner, but try not to enjoy so much that you can’t remember what your nan got you for Christmas.


Breakfast, The Most Essential Meal Of The Day, Even On Christmas Day

A lot of people think that skipping a meal over the Christmas period makes up for the treats they will eat during the day. However, this very attitude makes skipping a meal dangerous. You see, you will likely eat more because you’re letting yourself get away with it. Try your best not to skip breakfast, have a healthy but filling meal that can carry you through until a festive lunch.


Don’t Be Home Alone, Get Out Of The House

Try to make this Christmas an outdoor affair. I know it’s cold and miserable outside, but getting the whole family outdoors can do wonders for everyone. They can smell the fresh air, have a snowball fight (check the weather reports before planning this one) or enjoy campfire songs around a fire in the garden. Do something outside with the family this year and get them moving around and enjoying the great outdoors.


Stay Active, Like The Die Hards Out There

We know it’s difficult to keep your exercise routines going during the festive period, but you have to try. Even if you park your car further away from the shops or walk to the shops instead. We aren’t saying spend your Christmas at the gym away from your family, but try to find ways of exercising at home or while you are out with the family.


Wake Up To Wintry Workout

Continuing the last point a little bit. One of the best ways to keep exercising this Christmas is to go to the gym while your family is asleep. Most people sleep in throughout the holidays, but you don’t have to. Wake up nice and early and get yourself to the gym for a wintry workout before breakfast. After your workout, you have the rest of the day for festive family fun!


Drink A Lot… Of Water

Drinking water is not something you can afford to skip, especially during the Christmas period. Not drinking water will mean you feel more hungry and tired, two things that are really bad for those trying to stay healthy. Feeling more hungry means you’re going to eat more, feeling tired means you aren’t going to exercise as much as you need to. Drink as much water as normal during the holidays, so you are ready to get back to normal the second they are over.


The Fairytale Of Strength Workouts

You have to keep your strength workouts going during the Christmas period to maintain your muscle. You’ve worked hard to build this muscle, and I’m sure you don’t want it to disappear in a few weeks of festive fun. You never know, your increase in calories over the festive period may even mean that you can grow more muscle than ever before. If you want to grow muscle, Christmas is the perfect time of year to start and progress! It’s a good job we sell protein powder to help you fill your stocking with muscles, isn’t it!


Rudolph Is Realistic, And You Should Be Too

You need to be realistic in your goal setting over Christmas. Don’t set yourself impossible workout tasks that you know you won’t do. Instead, aim for half an hour of exercise a day and be happy when you achieve it.


Enjoy The Festive Fun

Last but not least, enjoy your Christmas. Don’t worry if you don’t get a workout on Christmas day or that you eat a bit more than planned, it’s Christmas. Enjoy the time you spend with your family, laugh at the bad cracker jokes and create memories that you can look back on and smile over when in the gym. Don’t spend the whole of Christmas in the gym, as much fun as the gym is, Christmas is a time for fun with friends and family, not dumbbells.

If you enjoyed these Christmas hacks for staying healthy, please explore our website further to find even more ways of staying healthy and fit this Christmas. Oh and don’t forget to pick up some of our totally vegan protein powder to help you stay fitter and healthier in the new year!

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