Love Your Insides and Your Outside Will Shine
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Detox with the Detox Bundle

  • Say goodbye to belly bloating and revive your flat tummy.
  • Love your skin & support your radiant youthful glow.
  • Help your insides keep up with your busy social life.
  • Feel clear-headed, looking great, and feeling fantastic inside & out.

The Matcha tea benefits your colon thanks to its high chlorophyll content it makes up a great cornerstone of the detox diet.  Sweeping through the gut alongside the activated charcoal tablets, which are free in your gut to absorb all the harmful toxins that cause gas build up and bloating.  The activated charcoal also binds to alcohol, a little trick for the end of your Friday or Saturday night!

The Supergreens powder is packed full of antioxidants and other vital nutrients to help detox your body from the inside. Plus with all those protective detoxifiers, it really helps everything from your liver to your skin! Supergreens also contains turmeric, a fantastic anti-inflammatory. Because the ingredients are all natural supplements they are safe to take as part of your detox body cleanse.

This Super Greens is giving my body all the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs!

Nigel Calland

Pro Athlete & Trainer

The Supergreens product has been very helpful lately as I’ve been going out aa lot recently and have needed the vitamin boost to help with the hangovers.


Student, @livjadefit

I feel absolutely amazing since I started the detox program - much needed after a bit of traveling!

Andreea Tina

Pro athlete & Coach

Detox with the Detox Bundle

Supergreens contains only Certified Organic Superfoods, so you can rest assured you’re getting the highest quality colon cleansing products.  All three products in this bundle work together to detox your colon effectively with the Activated Charcoal coming into its own to help relieve the gas build up that can be so uncomfortable.  The Matcha and it’s potent antioxidants get straight to work on the free radicals that cause damage in your body and in combination with the anti-inflammatory ingredients in the Supergreens, your whole body gets a healthy kick!

Because the bundle is so comprehensive you really should start feeling the beneficial effects within the first couple of days! As your body detoxes more and starts to become more efficient again, metabolism levels climb and your body will also begin to burn more fat again!

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