Decreasing excessive fat isn’t easy, but it certainly isn’t as hard as some people make out either. A few lifestyle changes and a change in attitude can make burning fat as simple as waking up in the morning. Today, we’re going to look at decreasing excessive fat and provide you with 8 proven ways of getting rid of excessive fat and keeping it off for good.

If you’ve ever struggled to keep excessive fat at bay, stick around. The tips below have been proven by studies to truly work. We aren’t talking about fad diets or a miracle pill here, these are pure hard facts that can help you change your life.


1. Paint Your Body Green

Don’t actually paint your body green, that won’t do anything. Instead, drink some Matcha Green Tea. Matcha acts as a natural diet drug, without any of the nasty side effects. Studies have shown drinking green tea can help you lose fat. This decrease in fat is thanks to EGCG. This magical compound is known to reduce to fat absorption, according to studies conducted by Penn State. Other studies also show that green tea increases the amount of fat that your body can eliminate. So, there is no downside to drinking Matcha green tea, although if the taste isn’t quiet to your taste then check out our Matcha capsules, which work the same drinking the tea!


2. Nature’s Calling

Studies have shown that people with a view of nature whilst working are thinner than people without this view. This sounds odd, but effectively these people are more likely to go out into nature and take a walk, have a jog or go for a bike ride, thus they are healthier. Of course, this doesn’t help much if you live and work in the middle of a city, but getting outdoors and exercising is far more beneficial for you than exercising indoors. The fresh air improves your mood and allows you to work out harder. So, to decrease your fat quickly and easily, walk, jog, run, cycle, swim, outside.


3.  You’re Sweet Enough Already

Don’t eat sugar and try to avoid sugary drinks. Sugar is half glucose and half fructose. The glucose part is fine; our bodies can digest that. Fructose, however, can only be digested by the liver. If you eat a lot of sugar or drink a lot of soda, your liver becomes overworked and cannot digest the fructose. Instead, the liver turns it into fat. Sugar does a lot of other harm to your body too, so by removing it from your diet you will not only decrease your fat, but you’ll also feel a lot healthier.


4. Play The Long Game With Protein

Protein can reduce cravings by about 60%, boost the amount your metabolism burns by about 80-100 calories a day and help you eat about 440 calories less a day. Of course, none of this is going to decrease your fat quickly, but if you play the long game with protein while trying the other things on the list, you’ll be laughing and looking great. We have protein powder on our website that can help you get your daily dose of protein, isn’t that handy?


5. Belly Fat Goes Bye-Bye With Exercise

Now, spot exercising doesn’t work to get rid of belly fat. Spot exercising is where you focus your exercise on one area of your body. Do as many crunches as you like, your belly fat isn’t going to disappear quickly. Instead, try general exercise. Any aerobic exercise can do wonders for belly fat. Walking, swimming and running can decrease your belly fat and then keep it off!


6. Kick Carbs To The Curb

A carb restricted diet can lead to 2-3 times more weight loss than a low-fat diet. Even if you still eat everything you want, but avoid carbs, you are still going to decrease your fat. A restriction of carbs can lead to a rapid reduction in water weight and results from this technique can be seen in just a few days. Low-carb diets can target belly fat and any fat around the organs and liver. This means that your belly can look great and you’ll feel great at the same time. Even though the effects of this diet are quick, this isn’t a fad diet. Kicking carbs to the curb shows results quickly, but sticking with a low-carb diet does a lot for you long term too. It can improve your mode, give you a lot of energy and stop fat from returning to your belly and just about anywhere!


7. Chomp On This

Most people eat quickly, each bite is given a few chews, and then it is on to the next. Unfortunately, this means that we consume more food than we realise. It takes you about 20 minutes to begin to feel full while you are eating. So, if you eat quickly, you’ll eat loads more than you need to. Slow down, chew slowly, enjoy your meal. By slowing down, you will feel fuller after each meal. Try taking 40 chews with each mouthful of food, you’ll start to lose weight and decrease your fat.


8. You Gotta Be Positive!

Finally, you have to be in the right frame of mind to lose weight. Once you have created targets and weight goals, go after them as if your life depends on them because quite frankly, your life can depend on reaching these weight goals. Changing your mindset is not easy, especially if you have lived your life up to now being able to eat anything you want. However, saying no to dessert and another drink goes hand in hand with exercising every day. It isn’t enough to convince yourself that because you exercised earlier, a piece of cake isn’t going to affect you. It will! You may miss your goal for the week because of that piece of cake. Then you’ll feel low and convince yourself that another piece of cake will cheer you up. The only way to truly feel good about yourself is changing your mindset and getting your joy from ticking off your goals on your way to decreasing your fat.

We hope this look at ways of decreasing your fat has been helpful. For more tips on weight loss and exercise, please explore our blog further. And don’t forget to check out our protein powders before you leave, they can help you decrease fat and create a brand new you.

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