Detoxing isn’t as simple as having a new kind of smoothie in the morning. It is a complex topic that may leave you needing to detox your brain rather than your body. The rabbit hole that is detoxing has left many people confused, but hopefully, this article can help. Below, is everything about detoxing that you need to know. However, first, we are going to look at the most important part of detoxing, the liver. The liver is the centre of your body’s detoxing zone, so in order to properly detox, you have to know about your liver! Now, we could get highly in depth about the liver, but we will try our best to keep the liver portion simple and straightforward, just like detoxing will be after you’ve read this article.

How the liver works

As I’m sure you know, the liver is a large organ that sits on the right side of your stomach. It weighs roughly three pounds and is a reddish-brown colour. Apparently, it feels rubbery to the touch, but I think its texture would be the least of your worries if you ever touched your own liver!

The liver is split into two sections, the left and right lobes. The gallbladder, intestines and pancreas sit underneath the liver. The liver and the organs above work in harmony to absorb, digest and process all the food you eat.

The liver works like a filtration device for our body. Its main job is to filter blood that comes from the digestive tract before it passes into the rest of the body. The liver also detoxifies chemicals. As it does this, it secretes bile that ends up back in the intestines.

The liver is one of the hardest working organs in the body as it has so many jobs to do. It works tirelessly to produce the bile needed to digest fat, detoxify our blood, break down hormones and store vitamins and minerals. So, we owe the centre of our body’s detox zone a lot, and we should try to take care of it as much as possible. One way we can keep the liver functioning at full strength is by detoxing our systems once in a while.

What is detoxing and why is it important?

Detoxing is a way of helping the liver get rid of all the nasty chemicals in our system. Now, the liver will try its best to do this on its own, but we can always give it a helping hand. You see, the liver can only do so much. If you constantly eat harmful chemicals and nasty things, the liver has no choice but to let some of it through. The liver takes out what it can, but it knows that we have to live, so it can’t take out everything. Otherwise, we would basically starve, even though we’re eating handsomely.

So detoxing gives your liver a well-earned rest. It allows the liver to regroup and get ready for an attack on the nasty chemicals. This is why detoxing is so important, it fills your liver with all the minerals and vitamins it needs to get healthy, and as there aren’t any nasty chemicals for it to detox, it can take a break. Of course, by detoxing your liver, you are also detoxing the rest of your body. As the liver filters your blood, your blood will then be healthier, and every part of your body will reap the rewards.

How to detox your liver

Many people think of a detox as a fast, or as a juice fast however this is not how you detox your body properly. With these juice detox’s the primary goal is usually quick fix, sudden weight loss and flatter tummy – which does work. However unless you are extremely strict about what you do eat after your fast you will most likely put on more weight afterwards. Why? Because during a fast you slow your metabolism right down, and your body goes into starvation mode, and then anything you do consume afterwards, it is going to cling on to…incase you decided to starve it again!

When we say detox we mean genuinely getting rid of toxins from the body, the best way how. To literally cram it full of nutrients, with healthy lean foods, lots of green leafy vegetables, raw or steamed to preserve as many nutrients as possible, this of course should include raw healthy juices. The greener the vegetable the more chlorophyll is contains – a key component to detoxing the body!

So detoxing your liver doesn’t have to be so difficult, and you don’t need to go around hangry because you have been juicing for days, which doesn’t involve the inate need to chew! In fact, it only takes a few dietary changes and you will see results quickly. Now, these results may not be sudden weight-loss. However, this is a great lifestyle to keep your body healthy and after a little while you should start to notice the following:

  • You may feel less fatigued
  • Have less headaches
  • A loss in weight gain
  • Have regular digestion
  • Less skin discolouration

So by having a healthier, natural diet, drastically reduce your alcohol intake, drink plenty of water and eat all the natural, healthy food, you can really help your liver to detox. There is no secret to detoxing, however if you would like to further your detoxing, we have just the thing for you, our Super Lean Vegan Protein.

Our Super Lean Vegan Protein contains 12 organic superfoods that can help with digestion and detoxing at the same time. It is packed full of great minerals and vitamins from ingredients such as Chorella, Spirulina and Spinach, that your liver will love. It not only helps the detoxing phase, but also helps the body repair the damage caused by toxic build up, so if you’ve never done a detox before, this is a great product to help ease you into it.

We hope this article about detoxing the liver has been helpful. To find even more ways of staying healthy in 2018, please explore our website further.

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