Detox Bundle Plus


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The Detox Bundle Plus

The Detox Bundle Plus takes our great detox bundle and makes it even better, so not only will it drastically improve your internal detox, The Detox Bundle Plus also provides your body with the best quality vegan protein which helps with healing damage and works as a great snack!


Matcha is a great addition to the bundle for providing a huge amount of antioxidants, in combination with Matcha’s ability to fire up your metabolism and burn more fat.

  • Take Matcha Earlier on in the day to fire up your metabolism and energize your day!


100% Organic Superfoods, a great core supplement that provides your body everything from the whole nutrients, minerals & vitamins, to 8 essential amino acids.

  • Super Greens can be taken any time of day as a snack between meals or to a smoothie or juice!


The best natural gut detoxifier, reducing that bloating feeling and build up of gas so that you feel more comfortable and confident!

  • Take the charcoal just before bed with a big glass of water. Please do not take this at the same time any supplements or medications (leave about an hour before taking the charcoal)


76% protein per serving and only 91 calories, so that you get the great quality protein without irritating your gut! Plus it is has added natural herbs such as spirulina, chlorella & baobab.

  • Take the Vegan Protein any time of day as a great snack, & it combines really well with the organic super greens.


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