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The Detox Bundle

The Detox Bundle consists of 3 complementary natural supplements that work together to support effective detoxification and protection whilst also supporting digestion.


The Matcha Green Tea helps enhance focus & concentration and works just like regular green tea to fire up your metabolism so your body burns fat.  The Special Difference with Matcha Green Tea above all other forms comes from its nutrient density.  So unlike other supplements that help you burn fat but give you the jitters and other side effects.  The Matcha Green Tea is crammed full of Youth-Promoting Anti-Oxidants including Catechin EGCg which you may have heard is extremely important.  So at the same time as burning you way through the fat, you’re also more focused with better concentration and giving your body an extra defense against free radical damage!

  • Take Matcha Earlier on in the day to fire up your metabolism and energize your day!


The Super Greens are really the best overall health supplement we have, to be honest, it is our favorite! It’s packed full of nutrient dense organic goodness it helps your body by providing an array of essential vitamins and minerals, shown to improve everything from your skin and complexion to supporting your liver and kidneys in detoxification.  Thanks to its chlorophyll content Super Greens also helps with mopping up the bad stuff in your colon, reducing bloating and gas – or in simple terms; give you a flat tummy.  Supergreens also has an amazing amino profile, helping your body’s growth and repair of damage caused by toxic buildup. This supplement makes up the foundation of our Detox Bundle.

  • Super Greens can be taken any time of day as a snack between meals or to a smoothie or juice!


Activated Charcoal is the third part of our detox bundle, providing you with a supplement that is even used in hospitals to help acute alcohol poisoning! We know it’s powerful. As the Activated Charcoal moves through the colon it absorbs toxins that build up and are not moved along our colon, reducing gas build up and bloating in the colon. You’ll likely feel lighter and less weighed down as your natural detox pathways start to work more effectively, and digestion really is such an important part of that.  The charcoal works particularly well together with the chlorophyll in the Matcha and Supergreens to give your colon a good thorough clean!

  • Take the charcoal just before bed with a big glass of water. Please do not take this at the same time any supplements or medications (leave about an hour before taking the charcoal)


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