Super Lean Vegan Protein 500g

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Our Vegan, Hypoallergenic Pea Protein contains a whopping 76.2% vegan protein.  We sourced the very best vegan pea protein but took things one step further!  We made our Super Lean Vegan Protein just for you, jam-packed full of extra nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from a few special superfoods.

Extra Superfoods in each pot of Vegan Protein:

Chlorella powder
Cinnamon powder
Green tea powder (40% polyphenols)
Spinach powder
Spirulina powder
Acai berry powder
Dandelion root powder
Baobab fruit powder
Stevia leaf extract

The Super Lean Vegan Protein is a great low-calorie shake that is only 109 Calories!

×No Soy  ×No Dairy  ×No Bloating  ×No Grains  ×No Lactose  ×No GMO  ×No Added Sugar

Thankfully, because pea protein is combined in the perfect way with the superfoods, it is a perfect solution for those with a sensitive digestive system. The superfoods make this protein such a great choice for anyone trying to get better skin, better digestion, better alertness and overall body functioning, for example, the iron in the spinach and spirulina make for guarding against anemia, keeping your red blood cells nice and healthy!

The protein is easy to digest and has an excellent amino acid profile, ideal for protecting and preserving healthy muscle tissue.




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