Weight Loss Bundle



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Weight Loss Bundle

The Weight Loss Bundle is designed to allow your body to lose weight well.  It works especially well with an exercise program.


The Whey Protein is high-quality Non-GMO and is sourced from hormone free milk. Protein is used in every single cell in the body, and even in your DNA, so when you are working hard to lose weight protein is so important to protect your body.  Getting the correct amount of protein will also preserve your muscle cells which help you keep a high metabolism!  And don’t forget protein is so important for skin hair and nails!  So really you can see that the protein here is to protect your beautiful body as you lose weight.

  • The Whey Protein is best taken after workouts to boost repair or as a middle of the day snack between meals.

A high quality and light tasting Natural Vanilla Whey Protein helps you to repair damage in your body. It is great at supporting and aiding muscle repair and slimming & toning plans.  The more you preserve muscle tissue in your body, the more living cells you have working every day.  This, in turn, helps protect, preserve and even add to a strong metabolism, which in combination with the Matcha Green Tea, will keep your body burning its way through those fat stores even from the comfort your sofa! Firm up those Flabby bits with this perfect addition to the weight loss bundle!


This is a great little natural fruit that helps you overcome the number one challenge to weight loss – Cravings! By gently controlling your appetite it helps you stay on track throughout the 30 days you’re working to lose weight. It’s a safe ingredient to help you lose weight more easily.  Garcinia Cambogia is one of those great natural weight loss supplements and that’s why it’s in the bundle.

  • Garcinia Cambogia is best taken 30 minutes before food.

Garcinia Cambogia solves one of the biggest challenges you will face when trying to make a lifestyle change or “resolution” to lose weight: Cravings.  By taking control of your cravings Garcinia Cambogia can help you control what is going in because of its special active ingredient HCA. It also helps block the absorption and lay down of fats. This special addition to the Weight Loss Bundle really helps give you the easiest start and helping hand in getting started with your weight loss.


The MATCHA as you must know by now is simply great!  It helps you burn more calories on a minute by minute basis. It is packed full to the brim with antioxidants and even helps gently cleanse your colon thanks to its high natural chlorophyll content.  The MATCHA keeps you more alert and focused helping you get on with your day as your losing weight.  Sometimes weight loss can leave you quite drained, so instead of relying on huge amounts caffeine from coffee to keep you alert, the MATCHA will keep your mind sharp and energized thanks to it’s L-theanine, a powerful amino acid.

  • Best Taken earlier on in the day, it is often recommended that taking 2-3 grams per day is ideal for weight loss.

The Special Difference with Matcha Green Tea above all other forms comes from its nutrient density.  So unlike other supplements that help you burn fat but give you the jitters and other side effects.  The Matcha Green Tea is crammed full of Youth-Promoting Anti-Oxidants including Catechin EGCg which you may have heard is extremely important. So at the same time as burning you way through the fat, you’re also more focused with better concentration and giving your body an extra defence against free radical damage!

All of the ingredients in our Weight Loss Bundle are manufactured in the UK to GMP code of practice, and in particular, the Protein only contains high-quality Whey, no low-quality proteins!  This ensures you get the best quality supplements to help you on your weight loss journey.


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