Eating Organic Food And Why It Is Important

Eating well, and choosing organic foods started to become a real trend a while back now.

When consumers began wanting to know exactly what they were putting into their bodies, we all began to discovered just how important it is to eat fresh and organic foods.

Now although eating organic food is still the popular choice, we wanted to re-investigate why it is so important, and why is it always the healthier option!

What Does Buying Organic Mean?

Buying organic means buying food grown or raised using a farming system that doesn’t rely on man-made pesticides, fertilisers, livestock feed additives and growth regulators. Effectively, these farms grow their produce as intended by nature, for the most part. That is to say, these farms use no man-made ways of manipulating the growing process and produce. They do, however, use animal and plant manures, biological pesticides, crop rotation and hand weeding to control the growth of the food and get the most out of the seeds that they plant.

Essentially organic farms work a lot like a very big allotment. These farms obviously use far bigger machinery and things like that, but the idea is the same. They use natural methods to increase the chances of the fruit and veg growing. So, just like someone growing in an allotment, they are manipulating the produce, but in a natural way that has been used by farmers since there were farms.

What Are Non-GMO Foods?

Well, GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are basically copies of something. Every living thing carries copies of all their genes in their cells. GMOs are where these copies have been taken from different varieties of something, say a tomato, for example, and then they are brought together to form a new type of tomato. This new tomato could take the firmness from one tomato and the juiciness of another to develop the most pleasing tomato in the world.

Non-GMO foods are foods that are made as nature intended. There is no fiddling with their genes, adding or taking things away. It is simply a tomato that nature is proud to have made! So, this natural tomato only contains the things that are supposed to be there. This can mean that these tomatoes will not keep for as a fiddled with one, but the freshness and cleanness of the taste is enhanced when this natural tomato is grown as nature intended, completely organically.

Why Are Pesticides So Bad For The Body?

Pesticides and chemicals that are sprayed on fruit and vegetables can have a serious effect on our bodies. Animals also eat grass that’s full of these chemicals, so not even the meat and dairy we eat and drink is safe.

Pesticides have been linked to many diseases, the reason being that pesticides are designed to kill bacteria, however they are not designed to kill only specific type that harms vegetation from growing. Therefore when we consume foods sprayed with pesticide this powerful toxin will also be destroying cells in our body. They will just harm whatever is in their way, and this is why it is vital to know that your food doesn’t have any pesticides on it at all.

Knowing Where Your Food Comes From

Staying healthy is a key part of life and one of the best ways of staying healthy is to know exactly where your food is coming from and how it was grown or raised. This is now becoming easier with most supermarkets nowadays relaying most of this information on the packages of veg and meat. However, you can delve a little deeper. For example, some supermarkets actually tell you the exact farm that their fruit or veg was grown on. A quick Google search may tell you everything you need to know about that farm. You may learn that they also grow veg with pesticides on the farm and so the soil that the organic veg grows in may also be contaminated.

If you delve a bit deeper into where your food comes from you can find out exactly what you put into your body daily. This information may shock you at first, but once you make changes based on this knowledge of where and how your fruit, veg and meat is grown and raised, you can start changing your diet to guarantee that you are only eating the healthiest of produce and meat.

Without knowing where your food is coming from and how it was grown, you’re putting your health and your family’s health at risk. Now, these health risks may not rear their heads any time soon, but in thirty years time, they could cause all sorts of problems from a variety of cancers to neurological problems and a lot more!

We know how important it is to know exactly where your food is coming from and how it was grown. This is why we did so much research into the ingredients of our organic supplements and protein powders. We wanted to know where every single ingredient was coming from and that it was grown safely and responsibly. Of course, we also wanted to make sure that the farmers were getting a fair cut from the ingredients we were using too. This is the very reason why it took us nine months to develop our Super Lean Vegan Protein Powder. It took us that long to find quality ingredients from responsible suppliers. This was never meant to lead to an advert for our protein powders, but this is just an example of what we had to do to ensure we were giving our customers the absolute best quality possible.

We hope this look at organic food and knowing where your food comes from has helped you see how important it is. To find out more about Eternal Vibrance Protein Powder, please explore our website. For more articles like this, please explore our blog. We have loads of articles about our protein powders and living a healthy life.

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