Before we begin this article, we just want to say that we are not a totally vegan based company. We’re sure you’ve already figured that out from the products we sell. Although we aren’t a totally vegan company, some of our best-selling products are totally vegan. We completely support a vegan way of life and try to provide our vegan customers with the best quality products to be as healthy as they can possibly be.

So, while we will have plenty of articles for meat eaters in the future, today we are sticking with the vegan theme and discussing the use of vegan protein powders for your pre and post workout fuel. When I was thinking about this article and what to write, I realised that many people see vegans as thin, weak people who couldn’t possibly go to the gym and lift weights in fear of breaking their arms off. This is something that I’d like to debunk straight away. So, before we get to the meat of this article (excuse the pun) let’s first debunk the myth that vegans can’t workout.

Vegans can workout just as much as the meat eaters

Firstly, most of the vegans reading this right now can lift just as much as any meat eater. As long as both sides get the right food and drink inside them, the limitations to what they can do are put in place by their body, not what they eat. There is evidence to suggest that some vegans can’t lift as much as meat eaters, but there is also evidence that some meat eaters can’t lift as much as vegans.

You see, I could eat meat all day every day and not be able to lift a thing. If I am eating processed, awful food, I wouldn’t have the energy to lift my butt off the couch, let alone haul it to the gym. A vegan diet is the same. A poor diet doesn’t give you enough energy to do much at all. A proper vegan diet is just as good as a proper meat eaters diet and can give them the same amount of energy to lift weights and keep their get shape.

So, hopefully, that has debunked this myth. I’m sure it hasn’t, but I can only do so much with words. It’s up to you now vegans, go and show these meat eaters who boss! Go get your goals at the gym and then enjoy the blank stares when you tell them you’re vegan. Anyway, let’s get onto to the meat of the article…

Why use vegan protein powder for your protein shakes? 

Vegan protein powder can be enjoyed as part of a completely vegan diet or any other diet for that matter. You could choose to use it if you’re vegetarian to get some added protein without running the risk of meeting any meat in a dark alley, for example. Here are just a few reasons why adding vegan protein powder to your diet can do you and your workouts wonders.

4 reasons to use vegan protein powders 

1. You can use vegan protein powder as a supplement for meat.

A typical diet of a gym goer needs to have about 48 grams of protein in it per day. This sounds like a lot of protein to find, but it isn’t that difficult. Drinking two vegan protein shakes a day can give you the protein you are lacking in other areas of your diet and keep your energy levels up. Two vegan protein shakes equals about 48 grams of protein a day, see, it’s easy really.

2. Vegan protein powder and whey protein powder, there’s no difference.

Yep, you read that right, there is no difference at all. It was found in a study in 2013 that both protein powders give you everything you need to build muscle, gain strength and recover from your workout. So, there really isn’t a difference in the good each can do, but there is a difference in the bad they can do.

3. Vegan protein doesn’t make you fart!

Anyone who’s been to the gym knows the farts I mean! Those whey protein ones that can clear out the locker room. Now, I understand that you smelly farters need to get in a workout too, but can you please switch to vegan protein? Vegetables are a lot easier for our bodies to digest so you won’t have any of the smelly side effects and we all get to enjoy the gym. If you are a whey protein user and are experiencing bloating and diarrhoea too, it might be time to switch. Whey protein is far harder for the body to digest, hence all the problems, give vegan protein a try, it’s amazing how quickly you feel like you again!

4. Vegan protein is healthier

Now, I know that I have just angered a lot of people but hear me out! Vegan protein like ours contain no artificial sweeteners because it doesn’t need it. We get the sweetness from the vegetables inside, so it tastes great and doesn’t contain anything you don’t want going into the body. Whey protein is also processed more heavily than vegan protein. This means that during the processing, the nutritional value of the whey is compromised. In a study in 2010, some whey proteins were even found to contain heavy metals like lead and arsenic. I’m sure that’s not the type of weight gain you were after!

So, these are just a few reasons why changing to a vegan protein can help you in the gym. It can also help you in your home life, no partner likes a smelly farter! If you haven’t given vegan protein powder a try, why not? You may find that it makes you feel better, allows you to workout just as hard and recover just as quick! It’s worth a try at least, right?

Before we go, we’d just like to say to our whey protein users, that our whey protein is fine. The only heavy metal you’ll find in our whey protein is Metallica gearing up for their next tour! I hope you have found this article about vegan protein and why you should give it a try insightful. To find out more about our vegan protein powder, take a look at our website. You can also find out about some tasty shakes you can make with it too.

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