Super Lean Vegan Protein

Vegan Protein

We’ve taken the very best pea protein and added a special selection of superfoods to supercharge the nutritional content.  As a result, our super lean vegan protein is an easily digestible, hypoallergenic protein powder. It has a staggering 76.2% protein content per serving whilst being extremely low in calories, 91 calories per serving to be exact.

Why Vegan Protein?

Vegan protein is fast becoming the popular choice. People are gradually becoming more aware that inflammatory reactions in the gut are leaving them in pain or bloated after having regular whey protein or soy based proteins. The wall of the gut reacts to these allergens and as a result, a cascade of inflammatory reactions takes place and can lead to chronic absorption problems such as leaky gut.

Our Super Lean Vegan Protein provides you with a source of protein that has “High Bioavailability” meaning you absorb the protein easily in the gut.

More Than Just Vegan Protein

You’ll benefit from a powerful selection of added superfoods which provide added nutrients, vitamins & minerals. By adding superfoods like Alfalfa, Baobab fruit & Spirulina the health benefits of this lean vegan protein become even greater.


You can now support healthy muscle tissue without the worry of allergic reactions, the super lean vegan protein contains none of the ingredients below meaning you can enjoy your post-workout protein shake in comfort.

×Gluten  ×Grains  ×Dairy  ×Lactose  ×GMO’s  ×Soya  ×Added Sugar  ×Artificial Preservatives  

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