Everything You Need To Know About The Acai Berry

The humble acai berry has been used for thousands of years by people in the Amazon. However, it was only introduced to the Western world in the 90s.  Why did it take so long for this miracle berry to reach our shores? Was it because the Amazon tribes wanted it all for themselves or was it because we didn’t believe the benefits of the acai berry until the 90s? Let’s find out below as we explore the acai berry and discover its power.

The Origin Of The Acai Berry

As mentioned above, the acai berry grows in the Amazon. For centuries, Amazon tribes have been using the acai berry and other plant species for medicinal purposes. Tribes like the Shuar has been using the acai berry for generations as a cure for various ailments. In total, it is estimated that the tribes throughout the Amazon use 2,000 to 3,000 fruits for medicinal purposes. So, the acai berry has to be pretty good if it shone through that much competition!

How Acai Was Used

The tribes of the Amazon used acai berries for much the same purpose as we use them nowadays. They still use the acai berry in the same way as they used to by eating it for it natural healing properties. The tribes found out long ago that the acai berry has natural antioxidant properties, it is also a natural cholesterol controller.

So, the tribes in the Amazon used acai berries to fight infection, build up the immune system, protect their hearts and control prostate enlargement. Yes, the tribes figured out that acai berry is nature’s Viagra, whether it works the way Viagra works should be tested in private!

How Acai Is Used Now

Well, some people may use acai berry for its natural Viagra properties, but most use it for its antioxidant properties. We drink it and eat it to help our body’s immune system and get it ready to tackle any infections we get. Other people used this berry to reduce cholesterol within the bloodstream. Acai berries can help to control cholesterol by reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.

The tribes in the Amazon continue to use the acai berries the same way they have for generations, and we are using them the same way as they are. The only difference is, they go out and pick their berries, we go out and buy them. The fact that the uses of this tiny berry from the largest rainforest on earth have gone unchanged for thousands of years goes to show how effective they are in what they treat!

Why Is Acai So Popular?

The acai berry’s rise to stardom started in the 90s and is due to the media. In the 90s the masses discovered these things called antioxidants and the media needed a poster-child for it. Now, they could have picked kidney beans, apples or blueberries for this staring role all of which also have antioxidant properties, but those all seem a little boring when compared to a newly discovered fruit (in the western world anyway) from the Amazon. So, most adverts for antioxidants featured acai berries.

However, it was the mainstream public that made the acai berry so popular because it actually does what the tribes have been using it for all this time. It does help to build up the immune system and fight cholesterol. So, the reason acai berries are so popular is quite simply that they actually work!

What Is Acai Actually Doing In The Body?

Acai berries contain antioxidants that help to protect the cells in your body from harmful molecules known as “free radicals”. These are the molecules that can cause cancer, heart disease and other life-threatening conditions. Now, we aren’t saying that acai berries actually stop cancer, but they can help to stop these free radicals in their tracks. Because acai berries also help to build up your immune system, they also stop you getting sick as often. Your immune system needs to be strong so that when you do get sick your body can fight it. Acai berries help to build a strong immune system and keep it strong even during times of sickness. So, acai berries do a lot for the body, in fact, let’s take a look at the top three ways in which acai berries are great for you!

The Top Three Ways Acai Berries Are Great For You

Acai Berries Are Nutrient-Dense

The acai berry has a unique nutritional profile for a fruit. Unlike most fruits, they are low in sugar, but high in fat. They have a huge amount of nutritional value so are great for any diet. The fats that acai berries contain are healthy fats, like those found in avocado. Of course, sugar isn’t particularly healthy for us, but the low sugar in acai berries means that adding these to your diet won’t have a knock on effect.

Acai Berries Are Loaded With Antioxidants

As we have said throughout this article, acai berries are exploding with antioxidants. These come from a plant compound that gives the berries their purple colour. Which is why you can also find antioxidants in blueberries. Antioxidants help to fight free radicals within the body and lessen the damage caused by them. The fact that acai berries contain such a high quantity of antioxidant is enough to make them a powerhouse supplement in our book!

They Help To Improve Cholesterol Levels

While people in the Amazon have used acai berries for this very purpose for thousands of years, the western world is struggling to catch up with the idea that acai berries are good for cholesterol. You see, the only studies done into this have been by suppliers of acai. Of course, these studies have come up positive, but any curious brain can’t take these studies as fact. However, a recent study (not done by an acai supplier) showed that acai can improve cholesterol levels in animals and if the tribes in the Amazon are anything to go by, it can in humans too.

Acai truly works wonders in the human body, this is why it is one of our chosen twelve superfoods included in the Super Lean Vegan Protein!

We hope this look at the acai berry has been helpful. To find out more about superfoods, please explore our website. We have loads of articles on here that can help you enjoy a healthy, happy life.

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