This is one of the most common questions and common misconceptions about protein. Most advertisements for protein usually depict a pretty muscular, toned looking athlete, which implies that just by drinking protein shakes you will achieve a similar muscular look. However, there is much more to how people achieve their body goals than just drinking protein shakes. And in additions there are many reasons why including a high quality protein powder into your diet is extremely beneficial to you and your general health too!


What Does Protein Do In The Body?

Protein is so important as it is a vital building block for life, it is involved in creating and maintaining strong healthy bones, cartilage, skin, muscle and blood. It is key for many processes which occur daily on a micro-level in the body, which go unnoticed – for example protein helps to create hormones which help to keep your hormone levels well regulated. It is also vital for healthy, normal cell-replication in the body.

Amino acids (which create protein) help to heal and repair tissues, this is why protein shakes are commonly used after exercising, these amino acids help the body to recover properly, which will also help you to not feel so sore the next day!

Protein also helps to speed up your metabolism. And due to the composition of protein it takes the body longer to digest it, when compared to carbohydrates or sugars, this keeps you feeling fuller for longer, making it the perfect healthy snack in-between meals!

So, Will Protein Make Me at Big & Bulky?

Protein doesn’t really make you big or bulky, unless you are consuming a very very large amount of it (which isn’t recommended). But, if you tend to have one/two protein shakes daily, alongside a healthy balanced diet and a good exercise regime, it will actually really help you to loose fat and gain lean muscle, which is fantastic for your general health and also helps achieve a more overall toned body.

Being able to put on a lot of muscle and size – in a healthy way – really isn’t that easy! That is why it takes bodybuilders months if not years of extreme dedication, strict dietary choices, and an overall strict lifestyles to achieve their unique physique, which is also very tough to maintain.

The way you should use your protein should be guided by the goals you are trying to achieve. As long as you use it in the right way for you, it will help you get the results you want. If you are underweight and looking to gain weight, use it more frequently, try having 3 protein shakes throughout the day, adding slightly more than the one scoop each time. If you are looking to loose weight have 2 protein shakes daily as snacks in between your meals, to keep your metabolism high and your blood sugar levels more constant. Just make sure you use a good quality, organic protein – not filled with additives and flavourings.

Although, many people especially men like using protein powder to bulk up, it is becoming more and more popular with women, who want to use it to not only look great, but also as a general health booster.

Lean, Organic and Top Quality

The quality of the protein is really important, you want to be sure of what you are putting into your body. We choose to go Vegan with our protein for two key reasons, the first being that food choices for those with food intolerances is restricted, therefore we wanted to create a top quality organic product with extra superfoods inside to be available to everyone. And secondly most other proteins which are whey or soy based are chemically processed in order to extract the protein needed for the powder, which creates problem especially for those with sensitive stomachs (causing bloating and discomfort). Our pea & hemp protein can be extracted manually with no need for any chemicals in the process, making it much more natural and pure – and not cause any bloating!

Not A Meal Substitute

We don’t believe that protein shakes (no matter how healthy) should replace a healthy meal, instead they should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet, to boost your nutritional intake. Our Super Lean Vegan Protein powder is geared for just this, it is a low calorie, high quality vegan protein, crammed with 12 different superfoods to give you those additional health benefits! It’s great for those who know they don’t get enough vegetables in their diet. (and its totally organic too!)

We hope this article has been helpful to you. For more articles about exercise, superfoods and nutrition, please explore our blog further. Before you leave, make sure you check out our Super Lean Vegan Protein which is coming very soon!

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